What do Glocks have to do with Jesus?



The ubiquitous Glock semi-automatic pistol. Made in Germany, sold throughout the world and carried by most law enforcement organizations in preference to other handguns.

You will find a references to Glocks, and other weapons, explosive and edged, in The Q Fragments. Some have asked, how do guns and swords play a part in the Jesus story? The story of Jesus is imbedded in a world of violence, cruelty and hatred, much like our world is today. The javelin and short sword, pilum and gladius, in Latin, were as much a part of this particular religion and its history as are bombs, Glocks and air power today. Today we are in a war with medieval hordes armed with twenty-first century weapons, and historically, there is a direct connection with the present conflict and gladii and Glocks.

It is possible, once one has waded through all of the layers of fiction added to the Jesus story over the centuries, that Jesus himself was not unaware of this connection between religion to violence. It is possible that one of the sayings attributed to him was actually something like what he actually said: “I come bringing the sword.” This is not compatible with the ‘meek and mild’ Jesus painted on the Sunday School walls, but is more in keeping with the man and the times, as I believe my story points out.


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