Some people evidently don’t read posts and web entries. I get a number of ” is now following your website” messages that link back to people with obvious religious sites, that, had they read my book, or the postings I have made here, would not be following me at all. Perhaps they have me on their “sinners” list, or “devil’s site” compilation, but otherwise it is hard to see what they find interesting.

I suppose some people follow religion because they don’t have any strong commitments, or don’t care to investigate the pillars and fundamental ideas behind their particular brand. They are happy not thinking about it. But, there may be a few who are beginning to dig a little deeper, who are questioning the basic ideas and bothered about the contradictions in holy writ and in what their religion says about ethics and morality. Maybe those are my “followers” who also have religious sites and pages.

As history and as explanations of how the world (universe) actually is and came to be, as guides to moral behaviors, religion is nothing but a collection of stories told by iron-age and medieval men with their own agendas to sell. In many instances the stories now revered by the religious are the twisted remnants of actual events warped and created to support a fantastical vision of reality that doesn’t withstand rational thought. My book, The Q Fragments, is one attempt to describe the actual historical events that could have been ripped out of reality to make up the cornerstone of the Christian belief system we have today.

It isn’t pretty, but it is much closer to actual fact that anything you can read in the official Christian canon.

Follow that…


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