The End Daze

I wonder if the world has always been this crazy, but only seems more so due to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or the thousands of little “news” and “opinion” sites and blogs (yes, like this one too). Maybe humans are just nuts but we’ve not been exposed to so many with so little to say so often.

I saw an interview at the University of Seattle of people on the street being asked if they thought men and women were different. You would think this is a pretty straightforward question. But no. The universal opinion of those interviewees who made it on the show thought that there is no difference. Admittedly, these were exclusively students living and learning in a protected environment that brooks little dissenting opinions over these matters, the faculty and administration being composed of twelve liberals to each conservative. But still.

The basic idea the young people, men and women (sorry, I do see a difference) put forward is that gender is a societal construction and one is assigned a gender at birth. Then, being independent thinkers and opposed to authoritarianism, they are free and able to switch amongst genders whenever they wish. Want to be a man but you were born biologically as a female? Then you can. Just think of yourself as a man, and then you are one.

In your mind.

Or, maybe you decide you don’t want a gender. Then, imagining will make it so.

I know about the angst, anger and craziness exploding around bathrooms. This is a difficult question. Should a male who identifies as a female, who dresses, looks and acts like a female be insulted or accosted because he (yes, I’m sticking with the use of gender pronouns, so deal with it) uses the women’s bathroom? Should he be forced to endure going in the men’s? Conversely, why should young girls be forced to share that intimate place with men dressed as women, or men who just think they are women?

How about the generation V? V for victims. These are the people who think that disagreement and discomfort are criminal acts of aggression that can only be stopped by running to mommie. Mommies, usually being the adults in charge who are also so uncomfortable with confrontation or disagreement that they readily abandon the principles of freedom upon which the country and their institutions were founded. The victims and their enablers have abandoned reason and fact for feelings and basic unsubstantiated bullshit. A couple of examples.

A man and woman meet, are attracted and agree to have sex. Later, the woman has second thoughts, feels maybe she might have agreed too readily then charges the man with rape. And, worse, some people in authority, campus administrators or police, take action based on this twisted thinking.

A young black man, new to the neighborhood which is notoriously crime ridden decides to take a walk at 1:00 a.m. A dark car rolls by. He gets nervous and walks faster, then crosses the street. He takes out his phone. The car returns going by the young man slowly. The young man speeds up, puts his phone in his pocket and attempts to cross the street again. Two white men exit the car and say, “Police. Stop where you are,” and shine a light on him. The young man instead bolts, running into a nearby convenience store, trips, falls and skins his knee. The police follow him inside and help him up, searching him as they do so. The young man is scared and angry. The police inform him that he is in a high crime area very late, alone, acting suspicious. They thought he may have put a gun in his pocket. It is dark.. They can’t tell. Later the young man reports this on Twitter claiming harassment, physical abuse (skinned knee, remember) and racist profiling. Many people jump to his defense. He wasn’t a victim, just a rather stupid person who acted like a possible criminal.

Trump calls for walling off our southern border. The left goes nuts. The conservatives attempt to discuss why controlling our borders might make sense. No chance of that. Rather than explore the idea of borders the discussions are quickly derailed by insults, and personal attacks.

Sanders pushes a socialist agenda with free stuff for most everyone. He doesn’t have a reasonable plan for how to accomplish or pay for those things, but no matter, feel the Bern. Live the dream.

Ordinary people whose sexual differences attract them to people of the same sex (I’m talking biology here) are demeaned, assaulted, mocked and sometimes killed by other people who believe their ancient writings have given them permission to act like idiots. Many of these idiots believe the planet is six thousand years old. Many more believe a medieval pederast rode on a winged horse to heaven.

I remember when liberals thought that diversity meant more than skin color, equality referred mainly to opportunity, tolerance didn’t mean coddling confused and entitled rich kids or assholes of any color and everyone supported the right to free speech even if you thought the ideas were crap.

I don’t claim labels now. Conservative, liberal, progressive, reactionary, they have mostly become little echo chambers full of self-satisfied people who have lost their ability to reason and their individuality. If I had to claim any allegiance I would call myself a Hitchensonian.

What matters is how you think, not what you think.

Please, if you do nothing else, think.

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