We have long planned this trip; Travis finishing is doctoral work in New York, me joining him there then driving to San Francisco with a stop at our home in Colorado.

All was going well. My cancer is under control and my strength and attitude were good. Then I got hit with sepsis in April and spent four days in the hospital. My endurance went down the tubes. Because of this and other factors my left leg became painful and weak. I fell twice inquiring that knee. But physical therapy and a knee brace helped. I can only walk short distances with the aid of my trekking poles and knee brace. But still, the trip is on.

I managed with Barbara’s constant help (she is totally wonderful) and Friday morning we were off to the airport in Denver, three hours away. I was carrying a small pack and her old Gibson guitar.

I got wheelchair assistance throughout both airports and everyone was kind and helpful. Someone at Frontier forgot to put a seat cushion in my seat, or that one had long since rolled over and died. An average flight, four hours later we touched down at La Guardia.

It helped to have been here before. The contrast between our town of 800 people, dirt roads and no stop lights couldn’t be greater, but I was fairly used to it.

Taxi line

I hung out in a shaded bus shelter until Travis could get there. We bussed into Harlem and what do you know, Sylvia’s restaurant, southern cooking was a mere two blocks away.

I gimped along with my walking stick and 25 pound pack and we eventually got there. Fried chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and string beans hit the spot. Food I grew up on.

From Sylvia’s to Travis’ was a long grind of slow walking, struggling really at times, to the subway stop, then from the end of the line up hill to Travis’ place. Tylenol and ice.

Great to be here though, bad leg and all.

Saturday, today, we will slowly make out way to the subway and to the ferry terminal for a trip to the Statue of Liberty on Memorial Day weekend.

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