We traversed thirteen states in about three weeks, went to four Major League Baseball games, survived hellacious rain storms, ate probably the best barbecue in America (Joe’s in Kansas City), survived the seemingly endless monotony of western Kansas and all of Nevada, and in Northern California met up with old friends and ate as much sushi as possible at Mikuni’s (thanks, Rick!!!) and made frequent trips to In-N-Out.

My son and I got to know one another again. He’s been in school in the L.A. area and in NYC for over a decade getting his PhD. Although I’m dealing with some significant health problems, like I told him, I would have gone with him on this trip if I had to crawl. And I mean that. How many fathers get the opportunity to spend three weeks with one of their children after a long period of absence. Probably not many, and I jumped at the chance.

We posted a sequence of photographs on an iCloud photo share. I can provide access if you want to see them. Send me a message via this site.

I was just too busy and often too tired to keep up with the trip in these pages, however, I may write a summary. If I do, I will post it here. I’m including a few photos from the share.

I’m a lucky dad.

Leaving Denver for New York City
View from Statue of Liberty’s pedestal.
Final packing up. About to leave NYC.
Ohio barbeque. Not the best, but damn good.
Game one, Pittsburg Pirates
Games two and three at St. Louis
A tense baseball moment
Joe’s Barbeque in Kansas City. The best.
Kansas City Royals, game four
Baseball is serious business
At home, attaching the bike rack for the final leg to California.
Taking one of my prescribed walks in eastern Colorado
First stop, Mikuni’s sushi. The absolute best in California
My second favorite restaurant: In-N-Out

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