I live in southern Colorado with my wife Barbara in a very small town about forty airline miles from New Mexico. I am a Navy veteran, hold a degree in cultural anthropology, continue to study history, am a gun-owning liberal leavened with strains of conservatism, long ago gave up belief in gods and other childish things although I still have a fondness for Peter Pan, Hobbits and Mr. Rogers.

I wrote the historical novel, The Q Fragments, based on historical and biblical research, textual criticism and studies about the historical Jesus. My tale begins in modern day Israel with the finding Jesus of Nazareth’s body and continues in Part 2 with who Jesus might have been historically, how his actions could have led to later claims of miracles and divinity, and how his body came to be hidden in a cave in the desert for two thousand years. Not an unlikely event given that the Dead Sea Scrolls lay undiscovered for that long. The Q Fragments is a novel, with some characters based on actual people, but with dialog and actions based on my ideas. The story is told in action and dialog as a good tale should be. If you read it, read for enjoyment and adventure as well as a sense of history, not dogma.

As of late, three major topics seem to dominate the news: gods, guns and governments. I intend to explore these with the hope of sparking conversations and rational debate. I know that internet based “conversations” often quickly degenerate into dogmatism, polemic and crude argument. Here, civility and rationality will rule. Get stupid, mean or nasty and suffer the delete key. Otherwise, I welcome your comments and arguments.


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