Jew, Atheist, Straight, Gay, Liberal, Conservative

We have a Jew, an atheist, straight and gay, liberal and conservative individuals in the same room and, they actually like each other. And can even talk about ideas and issues with which they disagree (and others in which they do agree or are really not that far apart). Who are these freaky guys? Ben … Continue reading Jew, Atheist, Straight, Gay, Liberal, Conservative


Future Shock is Now

Alvin Toffler died last week. Who was Alvin Toffler you may ask? He wrote a book in 1970 called Future Shock. It was one of those books that seemed pretty far-fetched at the time but has largely come true. 1970 was the year after we landed Americans on the moon, when IBM introduced the first … Continue reading Future Shock is Now

Yes, It Is Islam

“And the word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth and in justice. None can alter His words, and He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.” [Quran 6: 115]. Muslims will never be apologetic about their religion because they didn’t invent one single word of it. The religion of Islam is all divine, and the … Continue reading Yes, It Is Islam

Reason Rally: Reasonable?

Gad Saad tweeted today that the Reason Rally has a code of conduct that prohibits "speaking against religion". This, I thought, seems unreasonable, so I did a quick Google search and found the text of their Code of Conduct. Read it for yourself. To me it smacks of a great deal of the opposition to free … Continue reading Reason Rally: Reasonable?

In the Orphan

That Rocky Mountain high feeling begins to run thin as you travel south of Denver and Colorado Springs on Interstate 25. Passing through the small city of Pueblo and its silent steel mills one rolls through terrain more like New Mexico or maybe the Texas panhandle, the plains stretching out to the east, broken by … Continue reading In the Orphan

The End Daze

I wonder if the world has always been this crazy, but only seems more so due to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or the thousands of little "news" and "opinion" sites and blogs (yes, like this one too). Maybe humans are just nuts but we've not been exposed to so many with so little to say … Continue reading The End Daze

The Beginning and End of Christianity

Two years ago I finished three years of research into the history of Christianity, concentrating on its beginnings.  I cast the results of that research in an historical novel about what might actually, historically have happened during the life of a Jewish prophet, Jesus from Nazareth. There is a surprising amount of research on this … Continue reading The Beginning and End of Christianity


A patriot is generally defined as one who, during the American Revolution, opposed British rule and fought for independence from that country. It is also more currently defined as someone who loves his country and will fight for it when necessary. Given the situation in the United States and the world today I define it … Continue reading Patriot

The Long Goodbye

In the 1940s we were embroiled in a world war fighting against cultures and nations that were fueled by ideologies that were anything but open, humanitarian or free. Japan was in the throes of a theologically based monarchy supported by an authoritarian military class. Germany had been consumed by Nazi ideology drunk on world superiority … Continue reading The Long Goodbye

Why Liberals Should Embrace Guns

It is in a government's best interests to control the number and types of arms its people possess. Should the people become seriously unhappy with the establishment in power they are easier to control if they have inadequate means to resist. In most of mankind's history, this has been reasonably easy to do. To be … Continue reading Why Liberals Should Embrace Guns