The Long Goodbye

In the 1940s we were embroiled in a world war fighting against cultures and nations that were fueled by ideologies that were anything but open, humanitarian or free. Japan was in the throes of a theologically based monarchy supported by an authoritarian military class. Germany had been consumed by Nazi ideology drunk on world superiority … Continue reading The Long Goodbye


Why Liberals Should Embrace Guns

It is in a government's best interests to control the number and types of arms its people possess. Should the people become seriously unhappy with the establishment in power they are easier to control if they have inadequate means to resist. In most of mankind's history, this has been reasonably easy to do. To be … Continue reading Why Liberals Should Embrace Guns

Civilians, Cops and Guns

As we all know, when certain violent events transpire┬ámost of the more liberal media, social and public, erupts with the same off-topic and generally irrelevant call for more "gun control". Irrelevant and off-topic? Yes. If it were not, we would hear similar control calls for automobile control (automobile violence), alcohol control (alcohol violence), Catholic control … Continue reading Civilians, Cops and Guns