Civilians, Cops and Guns

As we all know, when certain violent events transpire┬ámost of the more liberal media, social and public, erupts with the same off-topic and generally irrelevant call for more "gun control". Irrelevant and off-topic? Yes. If it were not, we would hear similar control calls for automobile control (automobile violence), alcohol control (alcohol violence), Catholic control … Continue reading Civilians, Cops and Guns


Body of Evidence

So, last year I published a book that I had been writing and researching for three years. It's a good story. It's got good characters, good dialog, action (guns and swords), mystery, spans two millennia, delves into the historical origins and subsequent beliefs that underpin Christianity and offers a sensible, although not orthodox alternative to … Continue reading Body of Evidence

A Brief Biography

Michael Douglas Scott was born in Fort Worth, Texas, where he attended nine different schools before graduating from high school. He served eight years active duty with the US Navy, leaving to attend the University of Oklahoma where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor's Degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor focus on … Continue reading A Brief Biography